North Pole Police Department

About the North Pole Police Department

Meet the Sheriff

Hello, my name is Sheriff R. Purvis Coaltrain, and I have had the privilege of serving as the Sheriff here at the North Pole since January 1st, 1970. Some could say I'm the epoch of the department.

My office has many great deputies and volunteers. We logged over 4,096 elf-days last year protecting our elf-izens and chasing those darn duke boys. If you are interesting in joining our force, send us a DM on SantaGram.

One of my top priorites for this upcoming year is to extend our winning streak in the community snowball fight as part of the annual reindeer games. Our biggest competitors are those three wise guys down at the NPAFD (that's the North Pole A Far Department). Last year's victory was our 9th in a row, but if we make it to double digits, we will definitely deck the halls with a party.

Be sure to checkout our portal allowing access to our anonymized infractions. Thanks for visiting, I know your time is busy. Now back to your regularly scheduled day of making snow angels for two hours, then going ice skating, then eating a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookiedough as fast as you can, and then snuggling.

Sheriff Coaltrain stakes his spot